Fence Stain Lubbock

A Complete Guide To Fence Staining Services In Lubbock

Fence Staining Services

Serving Lubbock, Texas only the best fence stain services.

Serving areas in 79401, 79403, 79404, 79407, 79413, 79414, 79416, 79423 & 79424

Fence Staining Services

A Complete Guide To Fence Staining Services In Lubbock

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Touchdown, Lubbock! The best fence staining company in TX, Baldwin Pressure Washing and Fence Staining, is coming your way. You don’t have to greet us on the way or anything (though nobody’s stopping you), but we’re here to tell you that we’re finally here, in Lubbock, (very) available— for all your fence staining needs.

‘A fence staining?’, you might think. ‘Sorry, Baldwin, but our fence is perfectly fine.’ Well, person, I’m here to convince you otherwise.

Fence Staining Company

Here are some points that our family-owned and operated fence staining company would like to make.

  • You might say your fence has its charms— but trust us. Mildew and decay are not a good look for your fence. Unless you run a horror house. Then it is a good look.
  • Under the vicious Texas sun, wood gets worn and weathered easily. The UV rays’ damage to the wood is bad, but not irreversible. Not if staining can help it.
  • On the days it does rain, the moisture seeping in the wood causes deterioration to the fence.
  • Or if you’ve been meaning to fix that old fence for a while now, we’re sorry we’ve rubbed it in.

Texas Fence Staining

For whatever purpose you might need, a classic Texas fence staining is always in order. Whether it’s for wood protection, Lubbock; or maybe to put some life into your fence, or simply just because it’s time for a new look— don’t worry. Whatever the reason is, we’re here to help.

Let The Professionals Do It For You

Wait. Hold up. I’m afraid you might confuse staining with painting. We don’t paint those classic white picket fences, although we can whitewash wood if you wish (yes, those are different). Besides, we’ll take staining any day. The reason why we prefer staining is because paint chips easily. You would need to tend to the maintenance all throughout the time period.

Meanwhile, stained wooden fences last through a couple of years looking good as new—without any work! Don’t believe us? We’ll bet it on your warranty.

Stain Wood Fence

Plus, showing the grain of the wood is the trend nowadays. Even if you don’t like to go with the trends, you can admit that staining looks much better anyway— with or without the popularity it’s getting. Kidding. It’s your personal preference. But painting doesn’t offer protection from the sun and waterproofing wood by repelling water. Staining does. Just throwing it out there.

There are a lot of advantages to staining, and we’re simply offering you the best of the best. We’re not just saying this because we don’t offer fence painting services. Seriously. Has this been convincing enough? We hope so, for the sake of your fences— old or new. So, let’s get into it. You’re probably wondering, ‘okay I want this, but how does it work’?

We’ll Give You The Run-Through.

Before anything else, we talk to you. We’ll come and check out the fence, yes, in person— and inspect the situation. We’ll tell you what it needs, and in turn, you can lay it on us. Tell us what you expect from the fence staining.

Is there anything specific you want to get done? Don’t hesitate to tell us. This about you and your fence’s needs. We’ve worked with a lot of material, as for instance— Cedar, Ipe, Redwood, Pine, and Pressure treated, anything. As long as it’s to stain wooden fences. Don’t worry about us. We can handle it. But first, we do need to confirm if the request is indeed possible.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please don’t be shy. Ask us. We’ll help you understand or clear things up. Our professional technicians are friendly and would be happy to help you. We’re not looking to rip you off, so after the assessment, we’ll give you a detailed estimation of the expenses. We offer you quality service at a fair price.

Our Fence Staining Services

So, after we all agree, we’ll start the fence staining service. Before we get to the nitty-gritty, you get to pick out a color from our various range of samples. If you want, we can even provide you with our professional opinion, based on which would absorb your wood best. We can help you choose the most practical stain that can protect your wood— but only if you ask. It is, ultimately, still up to you. And we’ll do whatever you want. No questions asked. You’re the boss, after all. Your fence, your rules.

Our Fence Staining Servicves

Oh, wait. There’s still one thing left to do before getting to the actual nitty-gritty— and that is cleaning! Yes, cleaning is included in our services. No need to worry about getting your hands dirty! We’ll handle all the mold and mildew and dirt for you until the surface and the wood itself is squeaky clean. Then we’ll wait until it dries. No biggie. Then once the fence is ready, we can finally apply the stain to the surface. Our technicians use a variety of techniques that’s best suited for your fence— so don’t get confused if they use either brushing or spraying.

Learn More About Fence Staining

Oh, have I mentioned we use water-based stains? They’re super quick to dry and is less harmful for the environment. Of course, we also take those measures for our workers and our clients to minimize exposure to VOCs. We care for you, (but maybe a little less than your fence. Kidding!) After the fence dries, the job is done. Yes, that’s it! It takes a couple of hours all in all, but it still depends on the size of your property.

With a quick wood fence stain, your whole yard can look good as new! It doesn’t just look good— it prevents cracks, mold and mildew, and it extends the wood life. Great, right? You can now show off your new fence to the neighbors and let them drown in envy! (Kidding, again. But if they do ask, tell them to call us. Baldwin Pressure Washing and Fence Staining. We’ll give your whole neighborhood a revamp.)