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3 Fence Staining Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

If you own a beautiful fence and plan to stain it or are currently staining and you happen to stumble upon this article, you might have an understanding that proper and regular maintenance comes along with owning it. Maintenance that if not regularly or correctly done will lead to catastrophic results such as your fence not looking its best and not being the best it can be.

Fence staining is not like rocket science or brain surgery in terms of difficulty, however it calls for a careful and proper understanding of procedures to get the best result and not leave anything wasted. Most people just go about and stain their fence without any care for other factors, leading to either okay or mediocre results, but with wasted efforts. It’s not optimal and does not maximize your fence’s potential

Of course, you can just hire someone to stain your fence for you. If they’re professionals (like Fence Staining Lubbock, the top fence staining in Lubbock, Texas)— then all the better!

Learn by identifying common mistakes people don’t know they’re making when staining their fences:

Working too quick

A quick work means more time saved and generally denotes great service, however trying to reach for only speed while staining will only lead to getting lapses in the stain all across various points in your fences!

Staining too much

Know when to stop. Extra coating your fence will only sit on the already-coated surface and will not do anything but slowly peel away. Not only is it a waste of stain, but it’s also a waste of time!

Doing it right in the middle of the day

It might sound absurd, however staining while the Sun’s blasting its heat directly on top of you will only dry the stain quicker, not letting it absorb into the wood, plus not to mention, it’s uncomfortable and exhausting working under direct heat!

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