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The City Of Lubbock’s #1 Fence Staining Company

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When we talk about the most important parts of our property, fences are often set aside and left unexplored. In reality, fences are probably one of the most important parts of our home—they’re our first line of defense, they mark what is ours and what is not, and they give us privacy. Our fences take care of us, as such we need to take care of our fences as well. When the time comes our fences need a little repairing, you gotta’ know what to REALLY do.

When fences break, we often contact a friend or family member with a hammer and a pressure washer. Put a few nails here, and a thorough pressure washing there and you’re done… not. In order to properly take care of your fences and ensure you get the most out of it, you’re gonna’ need to do more than just that. You need an expert’s touch, and that’s exactly what we do!

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Lubbock, Texas, Fence Staining Lubbock offers you our quality services!

Fence Staining Lubbock: Our Company

We are a company based in Lubbock, Texas that specializes in staining fences. The humidity of the Texan weather gives your fences a lot of things to worry about. Mold, mildew, algae, dirt, grime, bugs, the list goes on! Our fence staining services is a simple but effective way to fight these problems. Think of it like a shield, and what do shields do? That’s right: protection!

We are problem solvers, and we have plenty of other solutions for you! Got a broken fence that needs fixing? We have some of the best fence repair men in the city! Want to get your property sized up for future fencing? We’re a natural at that! Has your fence aged to the point that it’s falling apart on its own? We’ll take those away and have new ones installed for you! Want to spice up your yard with new fence colors? We got some real artists here in Fence Staining Lubbock!

There’s no problem too big or too small that we problem solvers can’t resolve! The time we’ve spent in this business taught us many lessons, lessons we wish to share with you. We never leave a fence crisis unsolved, and we work 110% towards our every project we tackle! We’re not known as the city’s best for no reason.

We’re the only fence staining company you will ever need!

You’re the boss, dear customer. As such, you will have full control of everything! Your house, your rules. Tell us how you want your fences, how you want the job to be done, and we’ll do it exactly as you want it. You have visions of your own, and we want to achieve that perfect vision of yours with extreme precision and detail. Expect us to make a couple of suggestions and recommendations, but we won’t argue with you. All we want is for you to receive the best fence services you have ever seen!

Fence Staining

Everybody loves a well-made wooden fence around their property. They’re beautiful, it complements your land, and it appeals to the neighbors and passerby’s. But your fences aesthetic and use won’t last long without help, especially not in the presence of moisture, mold, dirt, and insects. Our company offers fence staining, our specialty, in order to combat these problems you face. Work with us, and we guarantee long life, charm, and functionality for your precious fences. Whatever type of fence you have—pine, cedar, oak, cypress, etc.—it doesn’t matter! Nature surely doesn’t. Bugs and mildew will still damage your fences regardless of what it’s made out of, and when you live in Lubbock, Texas, they’re as relentless as they are persistent.

Our fellow Texans, you need fence staining NOW! Fence staining not only enhances your fence’s beauty, but lengthens its lifespan as well. If you call us today, your fence is gonna’ live healthy for many, many years.

Common Fence Problems And What We Can Do

If you own fences, then you’ve likely come across problems like these. Once we identify what problems your fences may be facing, its easily repairable. Here are a few of the most common fence problems homeowners face:

Do Your Pickets Easily Fall Out Or Are Very Loose?

There are many things that can explain loose fencing—age, rot, even improper installment. We can send an agent to your home to survey your fence line. If the leading cause age, we can have your fences replaced. If it’s rot, we’ll take steps that ensure your next fence line won’t rot. Whatever the case, we’ll get those fences of yours sturdy!

Are Your Fences Installed Properly?

Another reason for loose or fallen fence pickets could be because of improper installment. Not everybody can install fences on their own. You can try, but when your fence is unstable and begins to lean or fall in a few days’ time, you’re gonna’ want to call us up. The installation process can seem simple, but it’s not. The agents of Fence Staining Lubbock have been installing fences across the state for years now. If you want a fence line that’s sturdy and erect, we are the best people to call.

Don’t Know How To Clean Your Fences?

Dirt and mud can easily accumulate on your fences. It doesn’t take too long until they gather and thicken. A little bit of dust is fine, but too much can drastically lessen your fence’s lifespan. It’s also really difficult to remove and can take a lot of time if you don’t know how to properly clean. We’ll take care of your dirty fences, and we’ll get rid that tough mud and dirt. We’ll make your fences better than ever!

Are Your Fences Being Predated On?

There are a lot of things that can damage your fences. Things like mildew, algae, and some types of insects can ruin your fences, especially if left alone for a while. It doesn’t matter how much you clean it; these pests will come back soon. They thrive under the Texan weather! What you need is something to protect your fences like a shield—what you need is fence staining. Lucky for you, fence staining is Fence Staining Lubbock’s specialty! All the fence staining services you will ever need can be bought from us! Working with us is a step towards a long-lasting fence.

Why You Need Fence Staining Lubbock

We know how many fence-related problems our customers face. As homeowners, we just have to accept that our fences will be complicated to maintain. Fence Staining Lubbock has made it their goal to ease as much responsibility of fence maintenance as possible for as many homeowners in Texas we can work with! Starting with YOU, citizen of Lubbock.

We are proud to be the City of Lubbock’s finest fence staining company. When you hire us, you aren’t just hiring another fence staining company, no! We are problem solvers. Our professionals come equipped with years of experience in the industry. They’re fast workers with skilled hands, and they’re always ready to get the job done.

But that’s not all. When it comes to mastering a craft, skilled hands can only get you so far. Knowledge, too, is essential, and our experts have extensive knowledge in the industry. Fences are so much more than wooden planks that line the perimeter of your property, and we want you to know that too.

Our agents are always ready to tackle a job. Their dedications not only extend to what they’re hired to do, but to YOU as well. They aren’t satisfied unless you are satisfied because in our company, you are what’s important—you’re the boss! Our agents are always thrilled to do business with you. We’re not just about the job we do, but we also care about the impression we leave behind, that you may tell the story of Lubbock’s best fence staining company! We want our customers to feel relieved that we are the ones they contacted, and we want YOU to feel the same!

We’re not asking you to believe us, but we are asking you to believe our customers. We aren’t alone when we say we are the right choice for you and your fence-related problems! Our testimonials will support us, and we have a lot! If you want to see what customers are saying about us, click here! Never take anyone for their word. Instead, see what others think of them!

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